Sarah and Corey's June 5th wedding

Dear Readers;

I am a bit late entering this most recent wedding to our blog was the 300 apple trees which arrived a week ago which had our attention when we weren't working on Corey and Sarah's wedding preparations.  But they are all planted now, and with today's gentle rain their chances of surviving the driest winter and spring we can remember improve with every mm that falls.We planted 100 Amrosia, 100 Gala and 100 Golden Delicious and with luck may even have a few apples from each tree in 2011.  

But back to Saturday -  It was supposed to be a miserable rainy day but the weather gods smiled on this wedding with bright sunshine and wonderful late spring mild temperatures.  We set up for the wedding at the lake.  We have been encouraging everyone to use sites on the same side of the road as the barn - but there are still quite a few at the lake for 2010.  As a note, because of privacy concerns and the higer costs associated with having weddings by the lake we will be raising the price for this one site by $200 effective with all new bookings - otherwise our usual rates, unchanged since 2004, remain in effect.

Corey and Sarah's grandmother had been a great part of the planning for the wedding and her participation continued as she brought in the flowers she had grown and arranged for thw wedding.  Two hanging baskets and two potted flower arrangements decorated the wedding site - later to be moved up to the barn.  Corey and Sarah had live musical accompanyment for the service which was a nice touch.  After the service everyone headed up for the reception.  A light punch prepared by us, and appetizers, prepared by Treena, awaited them.

The Barn looked great - okay we think it always does  - but this couple chose a minimalist approach with very little added to what the barn already offers.  Flowers from the wedding site were placed near the head table. 

A very Canadian touch was the use of maple syrup as a gift for each attendee.

Food was prepared by BBQ on Wheels from Stirling Ontario.  They prepared a tasty simple BBQ dinner - they even had corn on the cob (not likely from Stirling where the corn is still just a few inches high).  The Wedding cake was cut up and served and - well this doesn't often happen - but it was almost completely consumed by Corey and Sarah's guests!  Must have been good.

The DJ was also very good.  We hadn't seen Adam in our facility before but his 705productions system played a diverse mix of music and, from what we saw, he was most attentive to the wishes of the wedding couple - no wonder he is so fully booked for the rest of 2010!

As the evening drew to a close, Treena brought out a late night snack - again it was consumed almost completely.  Now we are not saying that this was a hungry crowd - they just seemed to really enjoy all the food that was presented to them.

Corey and Sarah spent the night in our suite in the Main House - they had the place to themselves - then Sunday it was off to Sable Beach - plans to go to Greece on hold because of the political issues that country is dealing with.

So, with the help of a very energetic Grandmother (now on her way to Lake George on her Goldwing) and some smart choices made by Corey and Sarah, they had a very successful wedding (from our perspective of course).  We wish them all the best.

Sincerely Lynne, Bethany, John, Mekenzie, Kailey and Mark

A Sunday morning review of the two events held this past week.

Good morning from our farm;

The dishes (all 165 places) have been washed and tucked away for next weekend's wedding - (Sarah and Corey). 

Last Wednesday - May 26th, Women at Noon (a local ladies group) met for a Fashion Show followed by lunch prepared by Treena.  Fashions were provided by Kathy's Collections , Garb and Brag , Stedmans and Seeleys .  8 models presented the 4 business's fashions to the 100 attendees.  It was an incredibly hot day but because our barn is very well ventillated no one was the least bit concerned about the heat outside

Wights Greenhouses in Wellington kindly allowed us to decorate with their flowers - they looked abosolutely lovely.  Drew will rent flowers for weddings and other occassions - we think renting is smart - especially if you just need them for a day and they look as good as below!

...and the organizer said:

Subject: W@N Event
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2010 15:55:13 +0000

.ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P {padding:0px;} .ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage {font-size:10pt;font-family:Verdana;} Lynne and Mark:  I'm sorry it has taken me so long to send you a note thanking you for all you did to make our May 26 event the wonderful success it was.  I have had many people comment on how wonderful the venue was.   The dining room looked fabulous and the flowers an added touch.
My heartfelt thanks.  Mary

Friday evening the Prince Edward Collegiate Insititute (PECI) held their formal in our barn.  Working with us they were able to create a memorable evening - one we think they will remember for some time.




The clue that they were having a good time was the fact that so many of them stayed until the very end of the evening (at 11 PM).  In years gone by at other locations many people have left right after dinner for the 'after party'...not this year.  Even with two Prince Edward County police officers in attendance no seemed to be in a hurry to leave. 

Congratulations to all the graduates - it was an honour and a pleasure for us to assist you with this event.

Sincerely;  Mark, Lynne, and Bethany

Friday night PECI prom

Its 9:45 Friday evening and the dance is in full swing.  Everyone seems to be having a great time - the dance floor is packed. 

Things got underway at 5 PM as everyone from the class of 2010 started to arrive - and as seems to happen when Grade 12 grads get dressed up they looked very grown-up.  Parents took photos - vintage cars and some very sweet rides filled the parking lot.  The dance ends at 11 PM - and rumours were flying about, for a bit, as to where the after party would be - although it really didn't seem as though anyone was either sure of where it was or was going to talk about it with us.

An absolutely perfect night - warm enough to be comfortable - cool enough to remind me at least that there are some compelling advantages to living this close to West Lake and Lake Ontario.

So, tomorrow some pictures both of the Prom and a Wedesday afternoon fashion show held earlier in the week.

Cheers from the 'big red barn' 15786 Loyalist Parkway - from us and most likely the graduating class from PECI.