Tiffany and Scott's Wedding

Dear Readers;

Oh oh its getting late in Wednesday (Canada Day eve) and I am just starting to write about this past weekend's wedding...I am not slipping,,,I am not slipping - but I am having trouble with the blog engine...!

Tifanny and Scott had hoped to be married outside...but this was the wettest June (following the driest May) in recent memory.  So the 6 lovely black steel shepherd's hooks had to come inside.  They lined the bridal processional route and held flowers destined to move into the barn.    


The wedding went very well with music played on an electric piano by a friend of the bride and groom.  What seemed like fully bio-degradable confetti had been set out for everyone and it all went somewhere because there was nothing for me to clean up.  And wouldn't you know it...the wedding happened and then the weather cleared so that everyone could mingle outside while the bride and groom had pictures taken in front of one of 270 MGB's here in the County for a rally that weekend.

That is Tiffany with here back to us - but you knew that.  Tiffany works at CHFI and has been blogging about her upcoming wedding for some time now - and I want to thank her for all the hits we got because of it. Of course a raido station would have a green room (I think that is what its called) - Tiffany and Scott set one up near their DJ and it got a lot of use.

Note the pashminas - they were everywhere accenting the green room and every table had variations if patterns in the same colours.

even at the childrens table  - mind you they probably didn't notice because they had such great toys to play with

Notice the little packets on the napkins?  They were filed with sweet pea seeds as a thank you for guests who had 'watched Tiffany and Scott's love grow'.  A simple floral arrangement from Red Barn Floral and table numbers using framed photos of the bride and groom were on every table.


There was a tickle chest for people to where various items for photos ops.

The sign in table asked for greetings and advice

I imagine it was all constructive....and Jennifer, the head table had 12 chairs in a row - just so everyone knows thats about as many as we can squeeze across the stage in a single line.  Note in the background, they had a slide show playing most of the night showcasing Scott's work (I believe) wonderful images which included very short film clips, stills and well, it was very intriguing.

Sans Souci did dinner and I hear it was very good (as always), Donovan (a friend of the groom) from 'Where its At!' out of Bolton did a great job as DJ.  Clearly a couple in the arts as attected by one of their two wedding cakes. 

Note the film reel as part of the cake on the left.

And there you have it - Tiffany and Scott are married and we were there to help. I sure wish they could have used the pond site for thier wedding - it was tuned up and ready for its first ever use.  Perhaps it will just have to wait for you. 

Sincerely uploaded on behalf of Lynne, John, Kailey, Beth, Ellen and Mark

Tracy and Tylers Wedding June 19th

Dear Readers;

We  just got a letter left in our mailbox from the PECI Prom Committee.  It was a lovely hand-written note which said"Thank you so much for allowing us to use your venue for our Prom.  It was so beautiful and everyone had a great time.  Thank you for being understanding and flexible with our last minute changes,it meant alot to our Prom Committee"  Well, thank you to the Prom Committee for that thoughtful note - thats the sort of gesture which makes this all worthwhile for us.

....and since Tracy is a graduate of PECI I thought - why not throw these two items in together?

Saturday the 19th it was supposed to rain - in fact, the Weather Network was calling for an 80% chance of rain.  Lynne and I thought of the last wedding we had done under the threat of rain and yet Tracy seemed completely convinced it wouldn't rain.  Two hours before the wedding the location was set - and I must add that it really can't be just an hour before when this decision is made...there just isn't the time needed especially if decorating is involved.  It was spitting while we set up and I covered our PA system to protect it from what looked like the inevitable...but... 

it was so close to raining - umbrellas had been brought out as it sprinkled just a bit.  OKay it didn't rain and the wedding went off without a hitch. 

and after the wedding, guests headed up to the barn

The wedding party had made their own cocktail snacks - which looked great

And Jennifer, the head table was again on the stage accented with overlays made of the same materail as the bridesmaids dresses

Flowers were limited to just two hanging plants while decorations on the table were limited to a nice bowl sitting on a square of the same bridesmaid's dress material, filled with smooth gray rocks and a long burning candle.  Very simple for sure.

but it worked!  Even the signing table was simply but tastefuly done.

Cubbys out of Deseronto did a tasty roast beef dinner.  Cubbys crew was very easy to get along with - we enjoyed working with them very much.  Bob Green DJ'ed.  Bobs 'Green Machine' is almost a County insitution - not that he has been around forever just that he has been just about every where in the County - and since this was one of the few County weddings we will be doing this year it was really good to see him here.

And that was about it - the feeling in the room was good - no one seemed to concerned about much of anything - it was one of those weddings where it seemed everyone was happy with the outcome...I should add a detail I didn't know the part of her speech she read (versus having Tyler do it because she was too emotional) Tracy told the assembled that it had been 4 years ago in our barn when she had first proposed to Tyler...admiting that it was early days in their relationship, she also said she had had a drink or two - perhaps too many - but then somewhat wistfully she went on to observe what she had once heard - that what a drunk person says is just what a sober person is thinking....

And on that note, I believe Tracy and Tyler will live happily ever after - thank you both it was again an honour for us to be a part of it,

Sincerely; Lynne, Bethany, Kailey, Ellen, Mekenize Ron and Ez  - oh and me.


Mark and Michelle June 12th

Dear Readers;

Hmm seems I hit almost mid-week before getting to this new weekly assignment.  Okay its been busy around here what with Lynne becoming a grandmother Monday morning at 1:46 AM...Ezri Claire - 8lbs 1oz is home for the first time at noon today.

But perhaps also leaving the blog for a few days - to sort through photos and thoughts isn't such a bad thing.  First let me say that Mark and Michelle were a lovely couple and they seemed to have a very romantic wedding.  Here dancing their first dance to a solo performance by a good friend of theirs. 

But I am rushing things aren't I?  Guests were greeted at our entrance with the fine wood-working talents of Michelle's Dad.  Currently he holds the title for both best sign and best floral arangement around a sign. 

Mark and Michelle also had a bus out of Belleville hired for the evening which doubled as a limo very nicely.  We have seen this bus here before but never when it stayed for the full evening taking people when they wanted to go where they wanted to go.

But I really am rushing things - the evening isn't over yet!  The bride and groom had really hoped for an outside wedding.  But the weather bascially sucked and the thought of guests rushing for cover convinced them to have it inside.  We helped them make it memorable.

And Jennifer, lets take a look at that head table! 

and here it is from another angle - with 13 place settings.

Stephanie at Red Barn Floral had done it again - submerged orchids were an elegant touch to a wedding set-up even more minimalist than last week - which I frankly loved. 

That bottle with the plastic champagne cork on top is a bottle of Waupoos Cider requested especially - a product we always enjoy serving.  Dinner came from Currahs and according to what we heard they were 'on their game'. The videographers didn't leave a card for us but they did have one idea we hadn't seen before.  They set up a speakers corner and as we understand it planned to edit in candid moments/thoughts to the video they were putting together.  Sounded like a great idea! 

So in spite of inclement weather the evening went well.  Always a good indication - many guests were still dancing when Andy Forgie played the last song at 1 AM - really a great evening with some wonderful new ideas and again we were so very happy to have been able to host the event.  

In spite of a wonderful evening we did have an issue which truly worried us. We discussed the matter with the bride and groom the next day.  There are some local accommodations; 3 places come to mind, that primarily cater to fishermen.  Because they cater to fishermen, they have made it clear that 11 PM is as late as they can tolerate noise and disterbunces caused by people coming in late.  At the end of an evening its tempting to walk home to these places as they are within walking distance.  However they have complained publically, as have the neighbours in between, about our guests walking.  The neighbours worry about noise and that someone heading home at night, on foot, might be involved in a traffic accident because the highway is a very busy road and some traffic moves very quickly at night.  So, at the start of this season, we had implemented a policy of zero tolerance for all of our guests when it comes to walking.  No one is allowed to walk anywhere off the property.  They have to find a ride - last Saturday the limo bus could have been used.  In spite of the policy and announcements made throughout the evening, some people still walked back to their rooms.  We discussed the matter the next day with Mark and Michelle and they inderstood our concerns.  However it became clear to us that we did not have any 'teeth' in our policy.  So, from now on, if anyone walks off the property the bride and groom will forfiet their wedding deposit - and that is a fair bit more than taxi fare.  

Enough of that!  It was such a lovely wedding.  We did so enjoy pulling it together for Mark and Michelle and can only wish them the very best as they head into the future together.

Cheers then from everyone involved this past weekend, Mekenzie, Ron, Ellen, Lynne, Bethany, Mark, and John

PS - hmmm almost forgot their hurricane lamps - 6 of them on our flower hooks had battery powered candles which flickered brightly all evening