Festival Players in rehearsals

Festival Players have been rehearsing Amelia:  The Girl Who Wants to Fly for the past few weeks in our barn.  It sounds wonderful with the talented musicians and singers going through their paces.


Rehearsals have ended for the week as we have Melanie's wedding to prepare for.  However, we are very excited to have the theatre company return on Sunday to set up for next week's run of:

Tempting Providence
A production by Theatre Newfoundland Labrador.
By Robert Chafe
Myra Bennett, a young British nurse, arrives on the rugged shores of Newfoundland in 1921. No roads, no electricity, no doctors for miles. She signed on for a year and stayed for a lifetime. A spell-binding tale of strength and heroism told with humour and elegant simplicity.
This show plays at Fields on West Lake, a beautiful refurbished barn, between Wellington and Bloomfield..
Cast & Crew:
Jillian Keiley  Director
Deidre Gillard-Rowlings     Myra
Renee Hacket Women
Darryl Avalon Hopkins Angus
Robert Wyatt Thorne Men
Shannon Hawes Stage Manager
Barry Buckle Costume Design
Walter J. Snow Lighting Design

Performance Dates:

Mon. July 26 (O) – 8:00pm
Tues. July 27  - 2:00pm
Tues. July 27  - 8:00pm
Wed. July 28 – 2:00pm
Wed. July 28 – 8:00pm
Thurs. July 29 – 2:00pm
Thurs. July 29 – 8:00pm
Fri. July 30 – 2:00pm
Fri. July 30 (C) – 8:00pm

Sarah and Bobs wedding July 17th

Just about when the wedding service was to start the skies filled with angry clouds and we were happy Sarah had decided to have it inside!  An accompanist warmed up on his guitar and keyboard as a piper practised filling the yard with haunting scottish melodies...there is something about the bagpipes.  Additional decorating added a lovely touch to the service which was followed with the destruction of a wine glass to seal the deal.  

Sarah and Bob were all about flowers and trees - Connon Nurseries from Trenton brought in a truck load of rented greenery.  The stage was set with three large trees with smaller ones around the base of each one.

Not sure who that is in the photo...but each tree was filled with little battery powered candles which flickered through the evening.  I tried to get a picture of them in operation but my flash made the trees too bright to get the effect.  Here is what each one looked like - and there were perhaps 15 of these little guys in each tree.

Okay so here is one more shot and I won't show you any more of these trees after this - of course with a 40 foot ceiling you are only limited in height by what you can manage to drag in.

Hmm still can't make out those lights...But there were other trees too. Flowering trees at each of 4 posts and for the very first time ever a seating plan tree.

That was fun and different...but so was the bathroom treatment.  Flowers were hung over each of the doors in the ladies washroom.  The guys got nothing but then...they generally spend less time in rooms like this so a few bathroom items like deodorant, bandaids - guy stuff like that, is all they need...

Our ladies bathroom has never looked so good. The head table, Jennifer, was set among everyone else's and was taken down for the dance.

There were 9 candles on each table - oops and I see one sitting on an angle in this picture.  We had trouble keeping them lit with the breezes blowing through the barn and then the wax poured all over the tablecloths...I am keeping my fingers crossed that our linen person can get the wax out...she can get a bit cranky when we surprise her with stuff like this. Its a good idea to put candles into something - to catch the drips and keep them lit.  But do look at the linen napkins.  I am not sure whether Sarah made them or not but they were very colourful and a departure for sure with at least 4 different patterns and colours going.  We were sure we could get napkin rings but found the hunt a challenge.  We ended up at the local Home hardware store where 1 inch lockwashers ended up working so well we got compliments - who knew you could outfit a wedding by going to the building contractors department?

The event was catered by Currah's and we think it was their best work in years.  4 food stations were set up.  There was a potato station - baked potatoes and a range of toppings, the shish-kabob table with beef, chicken and vegetable skewers, a salad table and a dessert table.  Everyone was eating quickly and of course you could then return to the table(s) you liked best until...well until you couldn't eat anymore. The plan was to have everything cooked such that people could enjoy that process as well. The BBQ was set up behind the barn with a proposed table near by.  As luck and the weather would have it gale force winds attacked both the table and the 10X10 tent we had erected over it - so we had to move the table inside and take the tent down before it ended up in a soybean field.  At least we didn't have the power outages the same storm caused in Kingston that night!

Pizza was served around 11 PM and it came from Picton. We have a closer pizza shop which could get pizzas here faster.  Apparently they are doing two weddings here in the near future (I just called).  Rockin' Rogers does a great job with a full range of pizza's and wings and other things.  They are on facebook or you can call Diedre or Maria at 613.399.9090 - oh and they like to have a couple weeks notice...

Sarah and Bob had gift bags for everyone - I guess I didn't get a picture of the pretty little blue bags...but I did get a shot of the herb table.  Everyone was encouraged to grab a potted herb to take home.  Another great idea we hadn't seen before.

And with that - oh here is one more shot - kind of a fun idea for the wedding ceremony...

and another new idea - and the young man to the right played beautifully for the service...

I did want to mention the bus service. Grant Broomfield drove the Tripps Unlimited limosine coach.  Leather seats - fun lighting, AC a great stereo and DVD system really made travelling by custom bus (this one was put together in California) look like the way to go.  Grant was contracted to be onsite for 10 hours. He was to drive anyone anywhere (within reason) and although he had scheduled runs at 10,11 and 1 AM (I think) he also said that if 10 people showed up he would take them wherever on a moments notice.  Now thats great service.

And thats almost it - the 136th wedding (give or take) we have done here is now history I suppose. All that's left is simply captured in photos, memories and the shiny new rings on Bob and Sarah's hands.  Always an honour to work with wedding parties - and incredibly each one brings moments that make everyone at our end very happy to be doing the work we do.  Best wishes to Bob and Sarah, and Melanie...we look forward to seeing you this Friday.


Lynne,John,Bethany,Kailey,Ellen,Mekenzie,Ron and me


July 3rd, 8th and 10th! 3 weddings and a bit of farm news too!

Dear Readers - where to start?

I was late writing about Matt and Sarah's July 3rd wedding when Anne Marie and Micheal's started to tie up all of our discretionary time and then before we knew it we were in to Rebecca and and Daniel's wedding.  So given the fact that 3 weddings have past in quick succession I hope to compare and contrast (as they say) one to the others - and then to top it off I have misplaced my camera so I only have photos from two weddings - the third is going to require the 1000 word approach versus a simple photo.

Matt and Sarah had wonderful weather for their wedding as did Rebecca and Daniel while Anne Marie and Micheal were caught in a the heat wave with temperatures reaching near record levels.  But at least it didn't rain!

Matt and his groomsmen arrived by boat  - and why not? But it was the first time it has been done here...mind you suspenders and fadora's and Matts tophat were all details we hadn't seen before.


Both the July 3rd and July 10th weddings were held on our waterfront. while Anne Marie and Micheal had their service off site.

The first wedding had flowers done by Marvin's and they included some work on our lakeside trellis we have decided to keep.

So with the most recent wedding they were happy to leave it up too. So Matt and Sarah also had a few other unique features to their wedding.  Everyone in the wedding party went shoeless

and because Sarah's family has indigenous roots there was the symbolic burning of sweetgrass - followed by quenching of the fire in the lake by the two young girls who carried it through the assembled 

A group of 7-8 singers sitting among the other attendees sang.  Clearly music was very important to Matt and Sarah - perhaps because of Matts profession as a violin maker...but not to be out done however, at Rebecca and Daniel's wedding, Daniel had composed a song for Rebecca which his brother played beautifully on the guitar.  This was followed by a duet which included Rebecca's sister.  Did I mention that Matt and Sarah's wedding was at 3 PM while Rebecca and Daniel got married at 6 PM?  I liked their idea of getting photos out of the way before the wedding - things then flowed very smoothly in to the reception with the married couple able to come up to the barn right away.  There were still some photos - but for perhaps 1 minutes verus the more typical 1-1.5 hour sessions we have seen in the past. But back to the flowers at Matt and Sarah's;

and at Rebecca and Daniels wedding:

Matt and Sarah brought in a sno-cone machine which was fun for the kids

it got a fair bit of use!

As for head tables Jennifer, Matt and Sarah had the most people we have ever had at a head table with 24;

Anne Marie and Micheal sat at a table almost the same as everyone else's - just a bit more acent with runners:


and Rebecca and Daniel had 12 at theirs back on the stage;


Other details worth mentioning  - Sans Souci served Matt and Sarah's wedding while Anne Marie as a chef had put together a BBQ specialist and a seperate supplier for salads etc.  The result was excellent for Anne Marie in terms of what was served but it was a bit hectic using two caterers and determining who was responsbile for what (I don't think the bridal party noticed however - just behind the scenes stuff). Rebecca and Daniel had the Waring House do theirs - but if I had to choose I guess Anne Marie's caterers won on what they served.  As for florists Marvins, Wights Greenhouse and Stephanies Red Barn Floral were all very good.

Anne Marie and Micheal made strawberry jam for everyone

and decided not to put it in front of each of their guests rather they had us place it on the gift table...and it all went by the end of the evening!  Matt and Sarah wanted everyone to sign little fabric squares which would then end up as part of a quilt 

Meanwhile Rebecca and Daniel had printed little sayings which turned up on the back of everyone's place cards (which they pulled off this board)

On the menu cards placed on each table and even on the bar - they certainly put a lot of thought into these cards and it made for a very thoughtful evening

Matt and Sarah had pizza delivered, Anne Marie and Micheal had a late night buffet while Rebecca and Daniel went all out and had a Duffer's Chip truck

oh yes and lots of candy!

which went over very well!  So now we are getting ready for this weekend's July 17th wedding and our apples are doing well

as are our sheep - they are settling in well,

and with what has been great growing weather Norms garden is looking better than it ever has