May 7th - Scott and Jess - our first wedding for 2011!

Hello there!

We off to a wonderful start for 2011 with the wedding of Scott and Jess.  This wedding is proof that you don't need a year to plan a wedding - a few months will do. Booked in mid February this wedding had a number of notable features.  They were married on the Lakeside - followed by an intimate reception for 70 people just feet from the Lake

We set up with sides on our tent and everyone was quite cozy inside inspite of the cool early May lake breezes

 Ocassions Catering did a lovely job under 3 tents they offered a buffet.

  After dinner the couple moved into the barn to welcome 165 guests to the dance that followed

 Speeches were followed by a great evening of dancing - our bar was set to serve Scott and Jess' many friends

  It was a great evening - and a pleasure for us to assist Scott and Jess celebrate their future together,  Best wishes!   Sincerely, Lynne, Kailey, John and everyone else here at Fields on West Lake!

September 4th - Jessica's wedding

It was a beautiful Friday in early September when Jessica had her wedding.

The tables were set

and my favourite - a great table set in the centre of the attendees as a head table

the flowers were lovely

its smart to have something like a game which involves everyone.  It needs a strong master of cermonies to pull it off but what it seems to put everyone more at ease.  Gosh so many people in one place with perhaps the grooms guests and the brides guests looking for an opportunity to learn a bit about the strangers in their break the ice...good on Jeff and Jess to get their families together with some fun.

Our best wishes as always to the happy Bride and Groom.

Cheers from everyone here at Fields



Abby and James' August 28th 2010 Wedding

Abby and James chose a good day to get married by our farm pond.

The weather was perfect with a late summer sun.

Once the service was over guests were treated to Huffs Rose spritzer's with a strawberry garnish.  They then moved into the barn where there was a photo frame for everyone to sign

Because of their professions, all of the tables were named after the terminology they each were very familiar with in their careers.  Later their very strong master of cermonies (always a great idea) quizzed the attendees on their knowledge of these terms.  it was a very lively crowd who participated in a range of games some of which required tracking down pieces of clothing not normally displayed during a wedding.  The stage proved to be an ideal place for everyone to watch as their co-attendees competed - a very fun and unique way for everyone to feel very much at home with everyone else. 

 Huffs wine was handed out to all the guests as a thank you

 Yes that rope does look very flimsy - but it has worked well to define where the edge of the stage is for dances in particular.

Huffs wine was featured all evening and it seemed to be very popular.  We don't usually show tables - mid function but the following was the 'great table' - not the distinctive candle holders 

  The flowers you can see on the table coordinated well with the very unique displays on the main posts of which there are 6 - and if you like the candle holders you are welcome to use them as well - we have 6 of them.

  and I liked the wedding cake too!

  Classically our pine table is used for presents - and this event was no exception - there is lots of room on the table under it and on the stage which is usually close by

 There was a sweets table with lots of homemade cookies and if I recall correctly, the M and M's had been personalized with Abby and James' names on each one.  And then there was our was quite simply demolished! 

  As much as I would like to claim the gelato was the hit of the night (because I made it) my vote would go to the lovely couple and their very lively efforts to make sure everyone had a great time...facilitated by an extremely dynamic master of cermonies - she was fantastic!

So best wishes to Abby and James - it was our pleasure indeed.

Sincerely, Lynne, Kailey, Ron, Ezzie and the rest of us!