A Slice of Raya and Graydon's wedding May 28th

The weather had been challenging for days.  It had even been hard to get the lawns mowed. However when Saturday came the weather had improved considerably.  Raya and Graydon were married by our farm pond with television cameras cappturing every moment.  Arriving by Blaine Way's horse drawn carriage the bride and 8 brides maids stepped out.  I don't have a photo as I was directed to stand by the switch that powers our fountain.  On cue with 'I now pronounce you husband and wife' the fountain surged to life.

The barn was filled with camera equipment as the bride and groom made their way in to the reception with a record 18 attendees.  Although this picture shows the head table (which was in front of our glass doors) before it was completely decorated you can see that chairs had been set up on both sides to accommodate the wedding party.

 As a cocktail style wedding we set out a number of tables but not enough for everyone to have a seat.  There were 4 reserved tables but otherwise meet, mix and mingle and grab a chair when you could was how it went

  Its been years since this happened last but because it was TV we ceded our decorating role to an outside team.  Sans Souci catered and did a good job. The food stations were set around the room so people could pick and choose what they ate and when. 

As we understand it you can apply to be on the Slice Network http://www.slice.ca/OnTV/schedule.aspx .  Graydon and Raya will be on a show called Mother in Law Wedding Wars (I believe its called that).  It required that their Moms take their gloves off for the evening.  From what we saw it looked like they had really gotten into their roles.  So Graydon and Raya we wish you the very best - it was an honour to play the roles we did in making this a most unique wedding at Fields on West Lake.

Best wishes - sincerely John and Ron (at the bar) Lynne, Kailey and me.  

Duncan and Talia's May 21st Wedding

Duncan and Talia wanted something simple. We set up at the farm pond for the service on one of the rare dry days we have had in May

 After the service we served a Sangra punch and a non-alcoholic punch as guests moved into the barn

  There was nothing planned for the stage so Lynne put together a little display which provided a backdrop for speeches

 Duncan and Talia choose to hae a small table set for 2 in amongst their friends.  A gift table was set up with a new addition to our items available to rent - a bird cage for cards

  Guests stayed for the first time in our renovated farm house - the Fields Farm House Inn

 one of our bedrooms:

another new bathroom

 and a fresh new look outside

 look for new photos etc on our soon to be launched website www.fieldsfarmhouseinn.com

It was a pleasure to host Duncan and Talias wedding - our best wishes to you both!

Cheers from everyone here at Fields on West Lake!


May 14th Natasha and Kyles Wedding

Natasha was worried about the weather - and who won't be with all the rain we have had lately...so she decided to have it inside

 the chairs are not ours - Natasha was looking for something different. 

After the service guests were greeted with a signature drink and the barn set to go

 The head table had a lovely little bit of decoration around the edge handmade by Natasha

 note the little triangles of material.  There was also a candy table - always a hit

 and one more shot of how the tables were set...

 and then this very colourful shot of salads in our kitchen prepared by Bill and Marnie from Ocassions -

  It was a lovely meal and great evenign in spiteof the weather. Our best wishes go to Natasha and Kyle - thank you for letting us host your wedding,  Sincerely Lynne, Kailey, John and John.