Catriona and Corbins wedding

Well hello again;

Hoping you all had a great Canada Day weekend...we are in the midst of theatre

And the barn is absolutely transformed

But then you didn't come to these pages to see this per se - it was to see what Catriona and Corbin did.  Lets start with their wedding program.

It looks somewhat like some other wedding programs however there are a couple of differences.  First perhaps you can see the small barn on the cover - it was drawn by one of the couple's nieces and was sort of a logo for the entire event...nice touch.  But then if I could turn the page for you, you would see that everyone in the wedding party had been profiled - so to speak.  How they knew the bride and groom - perhaps a funny story as well...and then there was a narrative about how the bride and groom met.  A great read I think it helped everyone know who the cast of charectors were and how they had all come together at the head table set up in front of our glass doors. 

The wedding took place with old birch logs from the family cottage as part of the decorations - Run Way Bridal provided the arrangements

After the service, guests could sign in and then they were greeted with circular discs strung up which they took with them to their seats.

Every table had a disposable camera which was supposed to be used up completely.  This is a great way to create memories - we have seen it before and will again because it works so well.

Note also the use of chalkboards to identify tables...and these weren't the only chalk boards - there was a children's table front and centre where they each had chalk boards and lots of chalk to play with.  I suspect they felt pretty special sitting that close to the front. 

Looking past the drum set you may just be able to pick out their table...front and centre.  Oh yes and there was a band...made up of old friends of the bridal couple they played some great music...apparently they are not available for hire...but they could be...

There was a slide show and a DJ who brought some great lighting and filled in between sets.  At 11PM we brought out freshly baked (on site) pizzas and they were inhaled...and this following on a great meal expertly put on by Currah's .  Weddings do seem to require lots of food!  Other details included busing supplied by Tripps Unlimited wines came from Casa Dea - a Pinot Gris and The Grange's Cab Franc  .  And when the bride and groom told us they were scotch drinkers - well that their friends were....they weren't kidding!

So it was a lovely wedding - relaxed and a pleasure to work with the couple for all of us.  Many of their guests stayed on site in our new Inn - where having a place for the kids to crash with thier baby sitters seemed to be just about the way their parents wanted things to go.

Again it was an honour to be invloved with this wedding - thankyou to both of you; Catriona and Corbin, from Lynne. Kailey, Bethany, John...and me - our best wishes!

PS: So its theatre now for the rest of the week - should you wish to attend Amelia the Girl who wants to Fly please contact us via email and if you are on our mailing list we will get you in at special rates.  Its a wonderful play  - on until the the last curtain call this Friday. 

Mike and Alanna's wedding June 18th 2011

Well, hello there...

Mike and Alanna's wedding started with a rehearsal dinner on Friday evening.  A simple fare was presented; hamburgers - both vegetarian and non were served with potato salads,and again both forms - hold the bacon...ceasar salad, ice cream and strawberries and killer brownies. 

...and almost everyone who attending this function stayed on site for the night at (this link should work by the end of the 24th of June...our fully restored farm Inn. Wedding day set up took some time - especially with the flying birds over a table of special remembrance for family unable to attend.

 and again in this photo (I have included both images because the fishing line which suspended the folded paper made me cross-eyed (I have a long standing challenge with fishing line - but that is one of a number of other stories). 

 the effect was unique.  The head table featured 11 guests - not showing are the paper pom poms and silver chalices which were added after this photo was taken.

 - note the simple flower arrangments from Run Way Bridal in Belleville.  Using many different glass vases per table they added a very pleasing look to our set-up.

 Outside on the front stairs - simple paper bags with candles ssitting in sand to keep them steady) added a nice, welcoming touch.

         Occasions Catering supplied lovely hors d'ouvres, a wonderful sit down meal with incredible finger food deserts and a Mexican theme midnight usual there weren't many leftovers.  Throughout much of the event an Ipod was used for the ceremony with our staff cuing the music as instructed. During the cocktail hour a selection of 65 songs played as background through our house system.  Later however a live band Groove Matrix lead by Jillian Mendez had everyone dancing until midnight with her great motown sound.  

Hmm a detail I forgot to mention (among many) was the program which was placed on every other chair at the ceremony site.  It was printed on paper which you could then plant and a wild flower garden would result as a lasting momento of the couple's marriage. 

  The weather was perfect - warm but classically as it happens so many times here, a breeze of West Lake and Lake Ontario kept everyone very comfortable...and then at 11:30 when the full moon came out it as easy to think that the planets and weather gods had; just possibly, aligned themselves for this wedding. 

Kindly, Alanna wrote a note for us: 'Dear Mark, Lynne, Kailey, Mekenzie and 'Reggie' Thank you so much for our magical wedding last nght.  You set everything up exactly how we asked/described to you...and everything well exceeded our wildest dreams. The barn was beautiful when we first walked in and just got better as the ngith went on. All of our guests raved about our wedding as original, natural, relaxed though spectacular. Thank you for all of your efforts.  Alanna and Mike.'

Thank you Mike and Alana - it was our pleasure - our best wishes go out to you both.

Sincerely: Lynne, Kailey, Mekenzie, Reggie (aka Ron) John, Bethany and Tara.




Scott and Steff's wedding - June 11th 2011

Hi there

Well it was another great wedding at Fields on West Lake last night...which makes me think we may well be the best place to get married on the planet...but then I have a bit of a bias.  That being said the weather threatened to impact things a bit but ultimately was not an issue at all.

 As you can see a bit of rain on our doors as Scott and Steff posed between sprinkles.  Meanwhile we were all set to go inside with the lights on early because the sky was so grey. 

 Now here is where I wanted to note the use of flowers.  There were two bouquets brought in from the couple's off site wedding ceremony, and 6 hanging baskets with petunias which matched the colours chosen by the wedding party (purple and white).  There were dry corkscrew willow branches set in rocks on each table..and that was the extent of the floral side of things.  Now I would never want to cut florists out of the picture but the floral budget for this wedding had, very effectively, been trimmed to the minimum - as you will see... 

 One of the two arrangements - and then in next shot you can see the hanging baskets (if you look closely).

 And then a closer look at the table set up where rocks and branches proved to work very well.

 So in all, decorations tended to take advantage of the barn - we love it when people 'get it' and let the barn be as natural as possible.  On another topic; the head table had 12 people seated at it included the flower girl.  A bit of additional glassware was brought in by the bridal party along with the lamps sitting in front of the table which we arranged using one of our vintage apple crates.

  Candles in Mason jars (three per table) brought additional cheer to the setting - there were also extra candles which we used around and about.  Another feature we rarely see was a very professional photo booth.   

  The bride and groom underwrote an open bar for their guests during the cocktail hour which allowed guests to mingle while photos were being taken (both of guests and the bridal party - elsewhere).  There was time to browse the impressively thick cookbook everyone was given to take home (a first! - which seemed to go over very well).  For dinner the couple opted to use Occassions Catering - one of our most popular caterers this year (and everyone seemed to really love the food).  Late night snacks included our all you can eat popcorn and our made fresh the same day gelato in lemon ice (No dairy content) strawberry and chocolate flavours made with 1% milk.  Pretty well everyone came by bus - Tripps Unlimited - always a thoughtful touch. 

A few more details

The tables used Wine Regions instead of numbers - so tables were named Bordeaux to Champagne to Prince Edward

The wines served during dinner were Rosehall Run's Sullyzwicker (white) and Trumpours Mill's (the Grange) Cabernet Merlot 2007 

The wedding cake was created by Confetti Occasions

Local beers were requested for the bar and we served Barley Days Harvest Gold Pale Ale and Loyalist Lager

And the couple choose to use cushions on every chivari chair - we supply these at $2.50 each a price which includes insurance for damages (as in if a few cushions are ruined  - irrepairably stained or torn) there will be no extra charge. 

As a last note the bridal party bought their hanging baskets a month or so before the wedding and grew them out perfectly - (obviously at least one gree thumb was involved)


So Scott and Steff - thank you for allowing us the honour - from everyone here at Fields...John and John, Bethany, Tara (her first time with us) Lynne, me and of course Kailey who lead the coordination of things.  Please accept our best wishes - Cheers!