Shane and Mariannes Saturday June 22nd wedding

Dear Readers;

This wedding featured a significant set-up.  Normally we budget 15-20 hours per hundred guests - this one was over 30.  Two trailers of items with multiples of additional items brought in by car made this a rather complex wedding set-up.  That being said our photos don't quite cover the extent of the activities leading up to this wedding.  Our tractor and wagon brought the bridal party to the pondsite.  The site was decorated with wine barrels and french doors the bridal party walked through. Guests then moved to the area behind the barn where a cigar bar had been set-up in the sheepshed, our giant jenga was also set-up as was a bean bag toss and our canoe full of Mill Street Organic, Canadian and Palm Bay coolers.  We added Coors lite, Moosehead and more Palm Bays for a very thristy crowd.  There was a lemondae stand as well featuring a hard and soft lemonade...and it all looked a bit like this - oh and we served popcorn from the sheepshed and it was well recieved.  Bill and Marnie from the Beck and Call had their staff circulating with appetizers too.

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Joseph and Caitlin's June 20th wedding

So its June 20th and a lovely, earnest, young couple got married here at our pondsite.

a horse and carriage awaiting the bride

and the ceremony proceeded with Blooms providing the floral work. Colours in the barn centred on blue.

with each place setting looking as follows

and backing up to see the entire table with blue petals

behind the barn things were set up for guests to mingle and try a blue non alcoholic drink delivered by a fountain - which I missed photographing.  East and Main catered dinner.  The bar was closed when we served the couples wine with dinner.  It was well recieved and nicely labelled.

The Candy table featured blue candies and the blue theme carried on to the wedding cake suppplied by Katrina's Cakes in Belleville.

and the evening proceeded with a cash bar with popcorn at the bar at 1030 and East and Main doing casadias.

Best wishes to the wedding couple from Pam and Jared, Noreen and Lynne, Kailey and me

Andrea's June 14th wedding

Its June 14th - Andrea's wedding

The wedding ceremony took place in the sheepshed.

after the ceremony guests were offered a vodka and lemonade signature cocktail with blueberries and a non alcoholic lemondae as well. There was also a bucket of beers - Mill Street Organic and Barley Days Harvest Gold and Loyalist Lager.  And along with bean bag toss and bocco ball our giant jenga entertained during awkward moments.

In the barn blue was the main colur again - such an interesting year as we have and will see much more blue (my favourite colour).

thats craft paper on the tables - lots of children, lots of crayons and lots of drawing by young and anyone else who was able to grab a crayon.  Up close it looked like this

ad there we arewith a gidft for everyone at their place. Michael Hoy catered whle we served Grange red and white wines . The bar was open and busy with Bob Belsey back with Pizza Via as the late night offering.

Best wishes from everyone here - Noreen, Kailey, Lynne, Elizabeth, John and Pam and me