Christine and Ryans September 7th wedding and Megan and Christopher's September 8th wedding

Dear readers;

Friday late afternoon Ryan and Christine were married by Ryan's Dad in the sheepshed.Drew and Peter had done a wonderful job getting it ready.

With the ceremony over everyone headed to the barn for refreshments. 

Of course there were many more choices than just water...but we do like this new dispenser now stationed at our bar.

Millennium Catering had been hired to provide dinner and they began to circulate with appetizers. The hall, meanwhile was all set for dinner.

The wedding couple had their head table on the stage.  Among many personal touches, they brought in the green table runners which worked very well with the ferns hung on 4 of our main posts.  There were also some fun touches such as the following.

The tables were set with our battery powered candles as part of the centre piece.

The children's table was set-up to simply be fun.

Judging by how the table looked after the evening the children did have a very busy time at this table.

By the time Blooms on West Lake were finished the hall was truly dressed for the event.


Many people were still left dancing when the evening came to an end - always a good sign. 

So we wish Ryan and Christine all the very best from everyone who helped at our end which was mostly Lynne, Noreen and Me.

Saturday was a different thing all together.  After months of rainless weddings it had stormed during the night.  Originally planned for the pondsite, no one was quite sure where the wedding ceremony would end up...including the Minister who, some might think, should know these things before the rest of us...but she kindly commented; 'Even in the most challenging circumstances of weather, "the Fields" rose to the occasion magnificently to orchestrate a spectacular wedding.' 

She then went on to comment: 'The barn was transformed into a ballroom worthy of a royal palace, the food was delicious and the music outstanding' and with those lovely words perhaps I needn't add another word...but I will and some photos too.  Pink roses were everywhere.

As well, Chris and Megan had asked us to double up the lanterns hanging over head - we took all day Thursday to do that but the results were so good we asked the couple if we could keep them...they said yes (thank you!). But back to the wedding.  There was a pianist who played during the ceremony and she also cued an IPOD for one part of the ceremony.  We were busy pouring champagne in the barn so I am not sure how it all worked...but I can tell you that everyone assembled in the building before it rained...then it rained like crazy during the ceremony and then, like magic, the skies cleared and the Chris and Megan emerged, married.... 

We were there with pink Casa Dea champagne with a raspberry in each glass.

East and Main was also ready with appetizers while a band warmed up on stage...and I don't have a card for them - but they were very good!

and upon finding their names, guests could then easily find the lovely Ace Bakery roll awaiting them at their seats.

The bridal party let us choose the wine for their open bar package - we brought in Sandbanks Dunes and Baco Noir and as always it was very well recieved. Following dinner, desserts had been lovingly prepared by family members.  They were on display until they were almost completely devoured.

and the evening the bar closed at 12:30 I think there must have been a record number of revellers still dancing...the skies had cleared and the evening was deemed a success based on the number of people left in the hall and on the following comment from Megan's Dad (I believe) who wrote; 'Thank you so much to the 'Fields' for helping our children have a magnificent wedding.  Everyone was so kind and patient with us as we worried our way through all the details of the preparation.  The setting was ideal for a glorious wedding and joyous celebratory party. And the farm house is so elegant and beautiful.  We couldn't be happier.'

Lynne and I read that and got sort of emotional - maybe there was an element of fatigue - we had just done 5 weddings in 9 days...more likely it was simply an overwhelming sense that we had 'done good'.  Perhaps we had helped a family celebrate in a way they will hopefully remember for a longtime...and that sort of thought always makes us feel very good.

Cheers then to you both from John and Janice, Monica, Lynne, Noreen, David and me. 


Contrasting our three Labour Day weekend weddings.

Hello dear readers;

Its raining here after what seems like months of drought - I have a smile on my face and a bit more time than usual to prepare this entry. 

It was a busy but lovely weekend for our three wedding couples and their guests. These are 3 quite different weddings - each one with its own charm and special moments.  What they all had in common was that they all chose to get married at our Pondsite and selected Occasions the Wheelhouse as their caterer... we know everyone ate well this past weekend.  The rain also held off for all three days as it has for all of our 2012 weddings.

So, its (finally) raining and has been for hours now.  Our apple and pear trees and gardens are, all (we suspect) along with us, heaving a sign of relief.

JP and Erin got married at the pondsite at 3 PM on Friday with Larry Hurley officiating.  We cued their ipod for the music during the ceremony.  Our bar in the barn opened at 3:30 while they had their photo session and we hooked their IPOD into the house system for the cocktail hour.  The next day Catherine and Austin got married at 4 PM at the pondsite with some lovely flowers in place.  Arriving on our hay wagon, they had a vocalist and guitar player at the site to provide music.


The following day, Will and Meghan got married at 4 PM at the pondsite, also arriving on our trusty wagon behind our 1952 Ferguson Ford 8N.

Will and Meghan had Blooms on West Lake  prepare the pondsite. 

Back at the barn with JP and Erin, for dinner we had set things up with a head table for 6 on the stage and everyone else (like all three weddings) sat at round tables.


JP and Erin had a modified cocktail style wedding which used a minimalist set-up.  Meanwhile the next night Catherine and Austin had us set things up like this (below) with a great table in the middle of the room.  After their wedding ceremony they had a vodka cranberry signature cocktail following that with a twoonie bar which ran all evening:


And then on Sunday, Will and Meghan had their head table in front of the stage with a set-up that complimented the work they had done on the trellis.  (The photo I used was clearly taken before much of the floral touches had been added - by Drew and Peter at Blooms).  They opted for our open bar package and started with a bucket of beers, a white sangria punch...and the bar, which opened at 5 stayed open until 12:30 AM.

Napkins (cream colour)were very simply presented for JP and Erin in the wine goblets.  For Catherine and Austin they were folded, pressed (white) and slipped into the unique napkins rings provided by the bridal party (see below)

Lynne then formally pressed (cream colour) napkins for Will and Meghan

As mentioned before JP and Erin chose a buffet style, Catherine and Austin a plated meal where desserts were set out while Will and Meghan had both dinner and dessert plated.  JP and Erin had the Green Machine play for their dance - this is a classic DJ  - part of the old school Prince Edward County style - they played some great music.  Catherine and Austin had a band take centre stage with many of the musicians having had Austin's Dad as their music teacher in Brighton.  Rusty Zipper did a fine job keeping everyone dancing all evening.   


The above photo also shows off some of the flowers from Catherine and Austin's wedding ceremony at the pondsite - moved up to decorate the stage.

Clearly music lovers Catherine and Austin had the accompanist from their wedding site move up to play in the sheepshed before dinner.  So on Saturday it was quite a musical afternoon and evening here.  Will and Meghan had a DJ set-up at the back of the stage...and I don't have a card for him - darn it!  But it looked like a great set-up. 

The DJ was situated there because Marc Polidoro their photographer - was working with a tickle trunk where we normally have the DJ set-up. 

Wines during dinner - JP and Erin had us serve Cono Sur Red and White wines while both Catherine and Austin and Will and Meghan were served Sandbanks Baco Noir and Dunes wines . 

Obviously Austin and Catherine were giving their guests jams packaged by them.  Meanwhile JP and Erin had private labelled some lovely white wine they had bottled in Kingston in a 375 ml size...and Will and Meghan offered lavender plants from Prince Edward County's very successful lavender farm

To close, we truly enjoyed each wedding couple - it was an honour to assist in their celebrations - best wishes from John Pam and Tara, Montana and Monica, Beth (wonderful to have you back) Noreen, Lynne and me...

The Sarah and Vlad, followed by Josh and Elise wedding weekend

Good morning dear readers;

As we look to the last weekend in August its hard to say where the summer went. But starting this past Friday, Sarah and Vlad got married at the pondsite with a live emsemble singing through the ceremony.

You can see the singers if you squint and look to the left.  After the ceremony, which had seen the bride and her entourage arrive on our hay wagon,

Guests then headed to the sheepshed for a range of offerings from beer to wine to water and then into the barn for dinner prepared by Occasions - the Wheelhouse Catering.

At each table a card stated that on behalf of the guests attending a donation had been made to Dr Andrew Simone's Canadian Food for Children


The dance was held on the stage and with the open bar, guests had a wonderful time.  With that, however, it was reassuring to see transportation had been arranged for guests at the end of the evening including the Loyalist Cottages Shuttle Van.  From Tara and John, Montana, Monica, Lynne and me - our best wishes go out to Sarah and Vlad...leaving the last word to Sarah (with thanks):

I just wanted to say thank you sooooo very much for all of your help and support throughout the past year.  We had a wonderful long weekend and enjoyed our stays, both at the Fields Inn and also when we migrated over to Angeline’s and the Loyalist Cottages.  Everyone had a fabulous time!

Saturday came early...but we were ready for Josh and Lise's wedding in time.  Rolling up for the ceremony in a convoy of three white trucks, Lise was escorted to the pondsite by her father and step father. 

A guitarist played at the ceremony site.  Guests were asked to pick up little sticks with colourful ribbons on them in lieu of confetti.  

After the ceremony guests headed up to the sheepshed for mojitos, a lemonade punch and water while dinner was coming together in the barn.  

Wild flowers were used as table decorations set out on a burlap overlay supplied by the bridal party.


Six people sat at the headtable on the stage, photos lined one wall,

Our popcorn machine was at the bar and cupcakes were setout instead of a wedding cake.

Late night had been prepared by the families of the bride and groom and desserts, set out by the caterer, rounded out the choices available to guests as the evening ended.  As always, we extend best wishes to Josh and Lise - sincerely from Pam and Tara, Montana and Monica, Lynne, Noreen and myself.