3 events over two weekends

Dear Readers;

Last Sunday - we held a luncheon here.  60 people attended and with Bill and Marnie from Wheelhouse Catering there was enough to eat - for sure. 


Yes that is a children's table in the foreground where about 12 children entertained themselves with crayons and a few games.

This past Friday we were very pleased to host the PECI Semi formal.  With 157 guests the barn was close to full...


But as you can see the stage was open and was used later for the dance.  The committee chose lavender napkins which seemed so very appropriate with lilacs blooming all over the County

Bill and Marnie were back to cater this function as well and clearly there was enough food for everyone.  The weather cooperated and with our spirea in full bloom we were reminded again hpw much those flowers add to making the 1st weekend in June memorable.    

And of course this is the one high school in the County.  PECI draws on a diverse range of students from many backgrounds but its hard to forget our rural roots when a tractor, such as the one in this picture, rolls in for the evening.

Thank you PECI!

The next evening we had a wedding here.  Crystal and Brendan got married at the pondsite using straw bales and planks and 2 lovely hanging baskets.

After the ceremony everyone headed into the barn where appetizers and our bar staff were waiting. 

For the 3rd event in a row Wheelhouse Catering was in fine form with a buffet.  The wedding party chose to use our sound system, and with a good friend as both DJ and MC and  - well Denim also does clown work (there were balloons tied in strange shapes all over the hall) - the evening went well.  As a way to remember the evening, guests were asked to sign a cedar chest

and later on there were cupcakes, popcorn and late night food provided by the bridal party which, I am sure, meant no one went away hungry!

Kailey and Jared worked the bar and both remarked about how much they enjoyed Crystal and Brendan's guests.  And as the skies opened up and it rain torrently, the evening came to a close at 1.  The rain which had threatened all day had finally come.

Best wishes to Crystal and Brendan from everyone here - sincerely Lynne, Kailey, Jared and me...

and now Ashton, we are looking forward to seeing you soon.


Blair and Josh's May 19th wedding

Dear Readers;

Ourt first wedding for the season was this past Sunday.  Blair and Josh had 69 people attend their morning ceremony, at the pondsite at 11 AM.  After the ceremony guests moved to the sheepshed for some wonderful appetizers put together by the groom (he is a chef at a hotel - and it showed!) 

The couple requested a sangria punch and and a non-alcoholic punch and of course we had water available too.

While their guests enjoyed the appetizers and punches, Blair and Josh and the wedding party were having photos done by Robert House - a very nice guy out of Belleville who we simply missed put on our list of photographers (he is on the list now).  After mingling on the lawn behind the barn with a very good guitar stylist (Phil from Gatineau) everyone made their way to the barn where we were all set-up for a 1 PM luncheon. 

I must say I am a huge fan of this style of set-up - rectangular tables work very well even with large crowds.  Details (as outlined by Blair in her binders) on the tables can be seen in this photo.

The head table (also on the floor) was set-up as follows

There were many tables around the room as well - including the cupcake table

East and Main served a sit down meal starting with a soup, followed by salad, a gourmet sandwich grilled on site and then desert served with our raspberry gelato (made onsite the night before).  The bride and groom brought in Sandbanks  - Baco Noir and Dunes wines for the luncheon.  Meanwhile their solo guitarist played through the luncheon with our system filling in between his sets until the event drew to a close at 4 PM.

There were some lovely details such as


and tables set-up for signing in included

And there we have it.  The first of our 2013 weddings is now history.  From all of us here we want to wish Blair and Josh all the best as we look to Crystal's wedding coming up very soon.

Cheers from, Kailey, Lynne, Noreen and Mark(me)


Developments at Fields on West Lake

Dear Readers;

Its been a while since I last blogged.  In fact we still have about 10 2012 weddings to report here.  Rest assured they will come in good time.  Right now I want to update you a bit on some additions, to what we offer you, for your upcoming wedding here. First off, we have developed an additional wedding site.    We like to refer to the site as 'Amongst the Pines' - its a rustic site - for example, there is no electricity at this site.  We offer two choices for chairs:  straw bales or folding wooden chairs.  I should add the folding wooden chairs are new to us and are available for any wedding site location for $2.00 more than either straw bales or our plastic chairs.  So 1st the wooden chair.


The chair is also an option in the barn instead of our chivari chair (at no extra charge in the barn).  Of course if you opt to use it in the barn you wouldn't be able to use it at a wedding site.  But back to the new wedding site:

Its located at the far end of our farm pond.  There is a new bridge, over a seasonal creek, everyone will have to take to get there. We will have a small parking lot at the bridge for people to park should they choose not to walk....  If you had us drive you to the site using our 1952 Ford 8N and the hay wagon you would pretty well be able to re-enact a wedding with the same technology available in the early 50's quite likely when your grandparents were married.  As for the view - it too is virtually unchanged from 1952 - 1872 for that matter.  Below are a couple of additional photos - the site is the same price as our pondsite - and with the straw bales there would be no change in price at all from our other locations. 



So perhaps next time you visit - say for example your first meeting with Lynne (or me) we can walk down and take a look.  Further changes you might find of interest are 4 new serving dishes for our caterers to use - we think they are really going to add a good look to buffets.

I know, that is pretty exciting stuff but I am not finished.  How about a new water glass!

And one more item simply to help us serve you better.  For bar and draft services outside of our usual locations we now have a refrigerated draft service on wheels.  This too is an item you may wish to consider - we can talk about this when we see you too.


...and that is it  - Best wishes for now


Mark, Lynne and Kailey