Nicholas and Carries Friday August 16th wedding

Dear Readers;

A new computer, a new browser platform and maybe now we can start reporting on weddings again...I certainly hope so. Nicholas and Carrie met on bicycles - Nicholas was going from coast to coast and Carrie joined in somewhere in the middle of it it was fitting as 1 AM drew close that they should leave the wedding on a bicycle built for two through a corridor of I didnt have a tear in my eye - emotions at my age - not was something to do with the smoke from the sparklers....but then I am rushing what was a lovely evening under perfect August skies.

The ceremony took place at the lake...and yes its true many if not most of you were unaware of the lake option.  We worry about cars and travel time for guests with mobility issues we tend to show it to potential clients who ask...and Nicholas and Carrie did.  So, this is how it looked

and again from another angle...

There was a trio who sang some lovely songs...Drew and Peter did the floral arrangements and after the ceremony everyone made it safely across the road heading next to the sheepshed for drinks which included shandys, a cider punch and appetizers from Bill and Marnies Wheelhouse Catering.  A number of games had been set-up and seemed to be actively used for the entire cocktail hour.  Our big new strawbale bench saw some use...

We did have to wait for the fields to be combined before this was possible...

As guests filed in for dinner they were met with a map - seating chart.  It offered details as to where guests were to sit as well as highlighting Nicholas and Carries travels around the world - not sure if it mentioned their plans to visit Iceland for their honeymoon.

The tables were configured as I like them to be...round tables are lovely but for maximum floor space rectangulars do work well...but you probably read about this personal preference of mine before.

The runners were rentals Kailey arranged through our linen source and the flowers were, yes Drew and Peters work...wines served were our house white and red (Astica Red and White - both well recieved ) food from Bill and Marnie including late night grilled cheese sandwiches.

There was a photo booth

and there were a few Americans in attendance...actually many of them which is perhaps why there are a few stars and stripes in the photo booth above.

I almost forgot...there was a lovely sign-in idea with a piece of wood everyone was asked to sign - its hard to see, but their names were carved into the lower right corner.

and lest I forget the gift table highlighted weddings in the family over years gone by...with a picture in Black and White (something we are seeing more of this year) of Nicholas and Carrie which fit in so well with their families memories.

yes they are on a bike in that photo...just as they finished the evening with sparklers and guests trying to outsing each other with our two great National Anthems...and sometime after their departure the house lights came on...

Truly our best wishes go out to all of our brides and grooms (so far) for 2013 but right now we do wish Nicholas and Carrie the very best...

Cheers from Pam and John, Monica, Kailey, Lynne, Crystal and me

Ryan and Miranda's June 15th wedding

Dear Readers;

This past Saturday there was a window in the weather just large enough to have Ryan and Miranda's wedding under clear skies.  The couple got married at the pond site with live music provided by Jazz trio from Brighton and flowers by Live Love and Laugh Belleville. 


After the ceremony performed admirably by The Honourable Justice Peter J. Wright everyone headed up to the sheepshed for more live music from the Jazz Trio who set up right beside the tobacco bar.

Well the trio was actually set-up behind this wicker furniture part of a larger set of casual summer lounging chairs with matching tables.  If you look carefully in the background you might see a few of our wooden chairs - they have finally arrived!  We served sangria and a lemonade punch with a bucket of beers and cider including Steamwhistle and Waupoos Cider, while the Wheelhouse moved amongst the crowd with great looking appetizers.  From there guests headed up to where there was a sign-in table just before entering the back of the barn.

and as guests headed into the barn they were met by Andy Forgie who played both live and recorded music right through dinner.

As part of their bar package the bar opened at 5 PM and we set-out Sandbanks Baco Noir and Dunes just after the NC asked guests to find their seats for the plated meal. With 158 guests, our rectangular tables offered the best use of the space allowing the caterer to move up and down the rows very efficiently.  It also left a good amount of room between the tables and the stage. 

Big Tobacco the dance band - do take a look at their website - had moved all of their equipment in to place behind the head table - which was on the stage.  After dinner, we struck the head table and 3 tables at the back of the barn to clear a large dance floor.  And the evening progressed smoothly.  There was a candy table at the back of the barn - who doesn't like candy?

The little table just past the candy table was set with cupcakes shortly after I took this looks a bit lonely in this shot (above).  Late night was again provided by the Wheelhouse - grilled sandwiches were a definite hit as were some lovely dessert items - a Wheelhouse specialty. 

And that was it...the night ended - the crowd stayed on - clearly a good time was had by everyone.  Our congratulations and best wishes go out to Ryan and Miranda


Kailey,Crystal,Elizabeth, Pam, Lynne, Mekenize and me


Ashton and Eric's June 8th wedding

Dear Readers;

Hmm - incredibly, I lost my photos for this lovely wedding in the transfer process.  I can tell you that the couple were married at the White Chapel . 

When they arrived, Ashton and Eric's guests were greeted with Hinterland Champagne and Steam Whistle beer on ice.  This was a cold June 8th with threatening skies.  We had the heat on in the barn all guests gravitated to the barn fairly quickly - we followed with the champagne and beer. Decorations in the barn included beautiful centrepieces put together by Blooms on West Lake .  Using a very extensive collection of off-white pitchers collected by the bridal party...they were all unique, from what I could tell... I wish I had a photo because 1000 words simply won't suffice.  Each vase was set on 3 vintage books.  Books were a theme everywhere with sets of 3, obviously well loved, books set all around the Hall.  There were old school desks and a very unusual filing cabinet with bookmarks set in 17 drawers for guests to determine which table they were seated at...another photo would have helped here..hopefully Ashton and Eric will send a link... 

Meanwhile Earl and Angelo's had been busy getting ready with a range of appetizers which were snapped up by a very appreciative crowd.  The couple had selected our open bar package so the bar opened and stayed busy all evening.  John and Pam (our bartenders for the evening) commented later just how much they had enjoyed the crowd.  But then I am getting ahead of myself...back to dinner - along with great food we were asked to serve Sandbanks Baco Noir and Sandbanks Dunes wines.  Always popular these wines are very accessible to a broad range of tastes and preferences.

Dinner was served by 630 - the choice was either steak or a vegetarian choice.  I understand that both choices were very well recieved.  Music for the evening was provided by Steve Buskard who set-up his equipment on the stage (something we don't see very often).  He clearly charmed the audience as there was still a large crowd dancing at 1 AM.

Ben Quaiff filmed the wedding and reception.  I can't recall when he was here last but know he filmed Kailey's wedding (Lynne's daughter and a partner in the business) a few years ago.  It truly has been a pleasure for me to watch her video versus leafing through a photo album, I guess I have seen Kailey and Rob's wedding video more than I have looked at any other wedding just works.

Dessert was an impressive assortment of cheese cakes - Jon the head chef at Earl and Angelos couldn't say enough about how much he liked having the product to offer his clients.

Later in the evening various kinds of popcorn was set-out...andn then there were boxes of Tim Horton's donuts and,...just to be sure everyone had enough to eat Bob and Cheryl set up a wood fired pizza oven behind the barn and were still serving pizza at 1 AM!  And I do have a photo of their oven...   


So one photo anyway...Guests left with homemade of them, and I have the description right here was a Blackberry port jam...clearly food was/is important to Ashton and Eric...

Our best wishes go out to both of them - thank you for choosing Fields.  It was our pleasure.

Sincerely, Kailey, Lynne, Montana, Noreen, John and Pam

and Ryan and Miranda...we will see you soon.