Paul and Kristin's October 19th wedding

Hello again dear readers;

Paul and Kristen got married in the sheepshed.

we had the rehearsal here the night before at 6 PM - they had then headed off to Angelines for a rehearsal dinner which apparently went very well...they then returned for the 1st of 2 nights in our Inn...but then I digress.  The ceremony was conducted by Pat Hacker at 4 PM - oh, we are going to miss Pat as she is no longer offering officiant goes on and we wish her well in her retirement. But back to to the wedding. Music was provided by an IPOD and our system but also by family who sang beautifully during the ceremony.

For the cocktail hour we were asked for our cider cocktail(s) - both with and without alcohol...judging by how it disappeared we had the recipe correct (we mostly use (lots of) rye).  We also had Steamwhistle and Kronenbourg Blanc and Coors light in a galvinized wash bucket - self serve.  We set-up a table for the pre-popped popcorn with some seasonings brought in by the bridal party. There were some games set-up between the barn and the time passed quickly as it does when there are things to do. At 5:40 the MC called everyone into the barn where the bride and groom had their first dance before dinner.  A buffet dinner was set to start at 6 PM with Bill and Marnie from the Wheelhouse doing a wonderful job as always.  It featuring roast pig on a spit, chicken and vegetable pasta and about a million delicious salads.  Meanwhile we served Sandbanks Baco Noir and Sandbanks Shoreline within the open bar package.

The barn was set as below

and yes those are special order linens - everyone had a cookie waiting for them at their seat

and wouldn't you know, there were none left over - sometimes we get samples...not this time - especially not at the childrens table which had been set-up with games - you can sort of see them neatly sitting in the middle of the table...BUT! for only about a second after they sat down - which is to say the kids were happy.

another view of how things looked

The evening's reception music started with jazz music played over our house system before and during dinner. Speeches began once everyone was seated with food.  After the speeches the wedding cake was cut and dessert was set-out followed quickly by the dance with Rock Party providing the music.  Last time they were here was June 2nd 2012 - once again they did a great job keeping everyone dancing until late.  Around 1030 (because the timing works well) Bill and Marnie re-packaging items from dinner.  They were devoured...again...there was also a chip truck - one we hadn't seen before...I think it was Ralph's...but need help finding a link for them.

with the open bar, good music and food, and perhaps the warmth of our heating systems no one seemed in a rush to head out....  The instant camera on the sign in table got used a lot as guests were prompted to do their best selfies...

and thats how it played out when things wrapped up early October 20th.

Our best wishes go out to Paul and Kristin from everyone here - Elizabeth, Pam and John, Kailey, and Lynne, Lenna and me

Tim and Christin's October 26th wedding

Dear Readers;

With the wedding season now over I have run out of excuses to report on our 2013 weddings. Starting with the most recent one lets begin. 

October 26th was a miserable day. The winds were up and the rain has coming down very convincingly.  Initially the pondsite was selected but it was pretty obvious an outside wedding wasn't going to the day progressed even the sheepshed wasn't going to happen.  For the first time this season we prepared for a ceremony in the barn.


You can see that we have taken the chairs from two tables to create an aisle - those chairs - and there 28 of them, were used to create a small congregational setting in front of the stage.  The cermeony took place on the stage with Reverend Edward Bentley presiding. 

Within minutes following the ceremony we had the chairs back where they belonged and guests moved to sample two signature cocktails - one which had the alcohol content of rocket fuel alcoholic and the other a much more sublime non alcoholic apple based beverage went over well with the bar opened soon after that.  But it was an unusual bar in that we had been asked to change far more of our standard brands than usual.  We worked out a (higher) price with the wedding couple well in advance and from what we heard things went well - it was a hit and we would do that again.

Blooms did all of the flowers.  October lends itself well to a celebration of fall colours; Peter and Drew took full advantage.

on the tables

around the stage

in the wild outside weather in front of the barn

We set up 146 seats wih our rectangular tables in rows with runners rented through our linen supplier (something we rarely do - but are happy to price for you) - (I think) the tables looked lovely with fall colours and candied apples at each place setting.

Bill and Marnie from Wheelhouse Catering served a lovely plated meal with deserts (which they are famous for) set out allowing guests to serve themselves.

The wines served for dinner were Campo Vierjo Reserva and Graffigna Centenario Pinot Grigio .  The wedding cake came from Katrina's Cakes in Belleville and was truly a very simple, very sophisticated, pretty cake - I should have taken an even closer shot so you could see the detail.

Music was provided by Danny Flohback with guests dancing on the stage (with our flimsy rope holding them back from falling off) and on the floor in front of the stage.  Marc Polidero was the photographer - we are looking forward to seeing his photos!

The evening progressed - we were asked to source late night pizzas and, is always the case,  they were demolished as if no one had even thought of the generously large dinner they had eaten just hours before...always the sign of a good evening -  in spite of very cold howling winds and raining coming down in sheets everyone seemed happy to stay was (we think) a great night in our barn.

Best wishes to Tim and Christin from all of us here at Fields - Elizabeth, Pam, John, Noreen, Kailey, Lenna, Lynne and me.

...and a last word from the bride - thank you for this Christin! 'Everything was so beautiful and really came together nicely. We were very happy with all of it. As someone else had said, that I had read in an earlier blog, I'd give it a 12 out of 10. We've really had nothing but positive feedback - from family and friends. Really, the only thing we would have changed would have been the weather and we had no control over that. Everyone had a blast :)'

Kate and Pauls Saturday August 17th wedding

Dear Readers;

Yet another blog - its two for one day after months of absence.  Kate and Paul were also married by the lake.  Coincedence for sure.

Missing are the two wine barrels at the end of the seating area used as bases for two lovely baskets of flowers.  These flowers made it up to the barn later...I am sure you will see them in this blog at some point.  As guests arrived the Downtown Trio played music.  After the ceremony guests headed back behind our barn where the trio played for the cocktail hour.

East and Main were serving appetizers while we set out Mill Street Organic and Mill Street Tankhouse beers and a classic Pimms cocktail. All was well under a perfectly clear sky.  Dinner called and guests made their way toward the barn.  There was a menu board.

and a seating chart...

that was fun...once inside we were set up as seen below -

in more detail

and more detail


yes, everyone got a smores care-pack...with dinner Roeshall Run wines were served - Sullyswicker Red and White within our bar package.  And after dinner Maximum Toronto DJed and cupcakes were put together by Buffy Cole

and late night was provided by Buhhda Dog and because life is stranger than fiction...who should have a bicycle as part of their decor...was it the bike-centric wedding the night before - was it an item we (horrors!) forgot to place out - no it was by shere chance - the wonderful wrought iron bike was part of Kate and Pauls decor...with hydrangeas albiet missing in this photo...

so it ended well and perhaps in an;  end of evening moment of weakness, Kate said we had scored 12 out of 10 - which was accepted as gospel...we simply want to wish them both all the best.

Cheers from Pam and John, Monica, Lynne, Kailey, Crystal, Noreen and me....