Cocktail setup options

Dear Reader;

After a wedding ceremony - onsite or otherwise (a church perhaps) there are a number of options for the cocktail hour.  We think it is great (whever possible) if you can use a space - other than the dinner reception area - if at all possible. Not that thhere is anything wrong with hitting either the main bar - and this does happen

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Wedding ceremony site options

Dear Readers;

Having been remiss with our blog it seemed a good time to cherry pick ideas from 2014 weddings - just to provide some inspiration. Wedding couples have been married between the barn and what we call the sheepshed.  They have been married in open fields, under apple trees, even on the front steps of the barn - it will be your call - as long as you can make it by about mid-day on your wedding day at the latest!  But generally speaking, we have 5 locations to choose from each with its own unique features - hopefully there is something for everyone. 

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Allison and Matthews Saturday May 10th 2014 wedding revisited

Dear Readers - it has been some time since we wrote our last blog.  Here we are re-telling one of the weddings we already blogged about.  That being said the photographers for this wedding just sent us some photos we thought we might share with you.  Clearly Jenn and David are much better at this than we do when we rush about at our last moment...(but still before we are fully set-up). Here is how the shep shed looked with our white chairs..admitedly you can hardly see them...

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