Allison and Matthews Saturday May 10th wedding

Dear Readers;

May 10th - more than a month ago was a lovely day here.  The ceremony was in the sheepshed.

and then the cocktail hour started between the barn and sheepshed with our giant jenga.

and it worked well - one drink , one piece of jenga moved and so it went.  In the barn the head table was as below

and the tables were ste up as below

everyone found their seats easily enough with this seating chart


dinner was brilliantly prepared by East and Main


their catering trailer has been a huge help for them.  Meanwhile our tractor was employed for the wedding and I always love showing pictures of it

Hmmm distracted by the tractor...dinner was served with Sandbanks Baco Noir and Sauvignon Blanc East and Main did grilled cheese sandwiches as the late night and our Stagepas 500 was used for the dance which was great (because may people stayed late - our best indicator that things went well).


Best wishes to Allison and Matthew from Libby, Lynne, John and Pam, Elizabeth and Me.


May 3rd 2014 Brittany and Justins wedding

Good morning dear readers;

So the season started here May 3rd.   Brittany and Justin got married offsite and when they arrived we had a Sangria punch and a non alcoholic cider punch waiting for them.

 Urban Herb from Belleville were the caterers and they did a nice job.  Dinner was lovely served with wines supplied by Justin's parents.  The tables were set-up as below using Peter and Drew

The evening progressed with a busy cash bar.

Best wishes to Brittany and Justin from Pam and John, Lynne, Kirsten, Eliabeth and Livvy and word to the father of the bride who was kind enough to say: 'It was such a beautiful day, you did an absolutely wonderful and professional job in every aspect, your venue and home were gorgeous, your staff and efforts to keep it (the barn) warm and comfortable were fantastic and appreciated'  and thus ended our first wedding for 2014...cheers!

Ben and Jaimie's October 5th wedding

Dear Readers;


With less than a month to go until our 1st wedding of the season, 2014 will be starting soon.  Its raining today so what snow is left is shrinking away quickly...and the first of our daffodils are close to flowering (what a hardy little plant).  But back to the wedding at hand - Ben and Jaimie got married at the pondsite with Blooms doing the flowers for both the wedding site and the barn.  Moving into the barn the London England based couple had a travel theme to their wedding decorations - each table had a wonderfully eclectic mix of items related to various locations around the world.

New York City for example.

London England and on it went at about 14 tables - great fun! Instead of a cake they had a cheese cake - made of cheese and I am a bit confused because I reported that Carrie Lynn had a cheese cake the day before...well this time I have a photo as proof at least!  There was alos a small cake for Jaimie's brother who's birthday coincided with the wedding photo of it though

Ben and Jaimie had Bill and Marnie from the Beck and Call prepare dinner - always well recieved - Bill and Marnie also did late night grilled cheese while the band (Nova Sounds from Toronto) played expertly on into the night

There are a few details worth noting - which I have yet to mention.  Ben and Jaimie did most of their arrangements form England - skype played a key role and I think having a list of suppliers who all knew our facility made long distance arrangements easy for them.  I do recall that Ben had a request for a lovely South African Estate/Horse Farm wine selection - a property he knew personally.  We tried through our list of private brokers to get the wine - and Ben tried too.  Ultimately if there isn't an agent representing the product(s) in Ontario it can be a challenge to get some products into the province.  That being said, if memory serves, they chose to go with Sandbanks wines and as usual they were embraced by guests from around the world attending that night.

Wishing Ben and Jaimie our very best from John and Pam, Noreen and Elizabeth, Lynne and myself - cheers!