Trying to make good environmental decisions

In a business that celebrates the future we try - whenever possible - to leave the smallest footprint we can. This year we are refinishing all of our classic folding wooden chairs versus buying new ones (we hope you like how they look below - we do!).  We are now confirmed to plant 1000 pine trees and 1000 cedar trees in areas of our farm identified (by us) as the best possible areas to reforest (2020 update they are doing well!).  Its a 2 acre area near our farm pond plus our 2017 planting of 4.5 acres we are making progress!  We also realized it was time to replace our natural gas furnance in the Inn.  Rather than burn more natural gas we opted for what has worked so well for us in the Studio (one of our prep areas) - we installed 9 heat exchange systems throughout the Inn.  Definitely a more expensive option it will shrank our farm's carbon footprint.  Along with efforts to reforest our farm to increasingly offset our carbon footprint our Inn produces far fewer greenhouse gases when either heating or cooling than it used to. 

We would like to think we are in a business with some empathy and action toward a cleaner future...hoping you agree.


Mark and Lynne and our family