The May 17th wedding

Dear Readers;

May 17th was a somewhat emotional affair.  Health issues had played a role in the timing of this wedding. As a result we felt particulary attached to seeing this wedding happen and truly wish only the best to this wonderful couple - okay maybe I am tired and maybe I am getting too emotional....  Guests arrived to champagne and .. sparkling water at this cocktail style event

just one of the stations you could stop at and rest for a sec.  Peter and Drew at Blooms did the floral work with East and Main doing dinner.  We served wines from our bar - an open bar at that  - and with the band featuring many friends of the bridal couple playing through the evening which took on a wonderful life of its own. But I am ahead of myself - the ceremony took place in the barn.

a bit of a cool spring we had extra heat in place

and in this picture we have another view of the set-up


Wishing all the best we were John and Pam, Livvy and Kiersten, Elizabeth and Lynne onh and me...