May 3rd 2014 Brittany and Justins wedding

Good morning dear readers;

So the season started here May 3rd.   Brittany and Justin got married offsite and when they arrived we had a Sangria punch and a non alcoholic cider punch waiting for them.

 Urban Herb from Belleville were the caterers and they did a nice job.  Dinner was lovely served with wines supplied by Justin's parents.  The tables were set-up as below using Peter and Drew

The evening progressed with a busy cash bar.

Best wishes to Brittany and Justin from Pam and John, Lynne, Kirsten, Eliabeth and Livvy and word to the father of the bride who was kind enough to say: 'It was such a beautiful day, you did an absolutely wonderful and professional job in every aspect, your venue and home were gorgeous, your staff and efforts to keep it (the barn) warm and comfortable were fantastic and appreciated'  and thus ended our first wedding for 2014...cheers!