Lounge settings

Dear Readers;

Apparently we have only about 25 days (as of this writing) of winter left but its hard to imagine today with the temperature at minus 14.  But the season is coming and Lynne and Drew from Blooms have tracked down a a few ttems for you to consider - if you are looking for lounge settings either in the barn or perhaps the sheepshed.  But first we have 2 wine barrels which when put together with a table top and straw bales (we normally charge $2 ea. for the straw bales but include as needed for this set-up) makes an excellent outside bar - each barrel is $25 - the full set-up is no extra charge.

One of the three groupings

Note the major items are $25 ea.  the grouping of milk bottles and 3 crates are considered as one item - the set-up is no charge.

And the second grouping (neither grouping is cast in stone - tell us which items you like and we - most likely Lynne and Drew - will arrange the setting).

There is one more vintage sofa setting just in - do contact Lynne if you are interested in any or all of these items for a lounge setting either in the barn or the sheepshed.

All the way back to the wine barrels above below is a bar set-up with the wine barrels - it worked really well!


Cheers and do lets us know if any of these pieces/set-ups strikes your fancy and just in a firs sign of spring grown onsite in Drew and Peters greenhouse - Primula or Hardy Primrose.

All the Best!

Mark and Lynne