First Snow November 27th 2013

We have been here since June of 1980 and every year have welcomed the coming of winter.  Yes I know officially it is still 24 days (give or take the exact day when the sun reaches its lowest altitude in the sky at noon)...but we have always celebrated this first snow.  It means we are finally in the season of skiing, Christmas, planning more than doing, taking a bit more time to spend time with those people we can't see through our busy seasons (the other 3).  The farm looks different.  It looks tucked away for the season...which is exactly why I ran about today to share the following photos with whomever might care to look at them. 

The Inn is open all winter.  This time of year we specialize in small dinner functions with up to 12 people and an executive chef - perhaps a sommelier and jazz guitarist, in our formal dining room.  You can contact us anytime about this option.

That first snow really stuck!  The barn is open for tours at anytime but please call ahead.  You will also find friendly faces at Blooms on West Lake.  They are there virtually every day of the week.  Right now they are preparing for Christmas with evergreen and ivys and ribbons and such all over their shop.

Its certainly quiet behind the barn today - hardly conducive to cocktails and appetizers!

and the sheepshed is looking festive but perhaps not for a wedding today...

as for the farm pond - which rarely freezes - because the flow of water is just too great - its rimmed with snow - hmm looking a bit like a Spanish Coffee rimmed with sugar...although a tad cooler...and hopefully not as brown...

the pondsite wedding site...brrr the windmill looked cold!

and how did it all look from the viewing stand we have in the pond?

and from Amongst the Pines - set for a few of our 2014 weddings starting in May...

and then walking back from the pond

so with the lights on and the Carriage House ready for visitors at anytime that sort of rounds out a snowy tour of the farm - bring on the snow...we ready for more!

As we head into our 34th winter on the farm - all the best from all of us here at Fields and if you are in the area on December 8th you may want to join the local Christmas House tour - we have been selected to be on the route with Christmas floral work done by Blooms on West Lake of course!