July 31st and August 1st - Sabrina and Andrew, Adrienne and Matt

OMG what day is it?

Dear Readers - two weddings passed in quick succession and I truly need/deserve/require the 'g & t' which is quickly evaporating (I guess) before my eyes.

Lets start with Sabrina and Andrew - they chose an inside wedding location - not much chance then of being moved because of rain....Sabrina wore one of the prettiest dresses we had seen as she walked in a cellist and violinist played beautifully.


Sabrina had done do much of the work for her wedding on her own so the set upp in the barn which went from theatre the night before...

transformed in to her vision

runners Sabrina put together worked well with a purple theme - perhaps its mauve - I am not the best at describing colours

note the place setting - it was a sheet asking guests to talk about where they had come from to be at the wedding along with space for some thoughts/advice they might wish to share.  And there were jelly beans (very nice little guys) in a 3 oz glass which had Andrew and Sabrina July 31st 2010 printed on it.  We laughed when we heard one of the guests suggest it would make a great shot glass - with a glass like this one it wouldn't take long at all to go through a bottle of Tequila!

A simple touch was a bow tied to the back of each chair  

Sans Souci served a plated meal for Sabrina's 70 guests.  The guest book was set out for signing.

Oh and I almost forgot - I wanted to share a picture of the ladies as they played for Sabrina as she walked down the aisle. And interestingly they chose to sit at the back of the room versus sitting at the front...nice touch actually.

and then we won't soon forget the very impressive wedding cake which had the couple who made and decorated it up until 2 AM the night before adding all the little silver balls that blanketed the entire cake!

So another wedding is in the books -  it was our pleasure!  Our best wishes to Sabrina and Andrew!

Mid summer and I am already getting a bit nostalgic about the simpliest of things. We have had a little sparrow sneek into the barn on a near daily basis. I am going to miss this bird when he decides its time to head south for the winter...

But no time to think we had to start preparing for Adrienne and Matthew. 

Two florists were involved in this production - Drew from Wights Greenhouses and Stephanie from Runway Bridal/Red Barn Floral the result was quite lovely - plants were in urns and on pedestals - it gave the setting a more formal look. 


The Head table had a massive candelabra - which added to the formal setting - with the four candles lit the effect was stunning.

Champagne was served on the waterfront (using our caterers extension)ina roped off area.

It all seemed fitting with the Canadian bride marrying the Englishman where most of his family had never been to Canada before (I just imagine them being slightly more formal there). Although formality aside they had a DJ (and I missed her name because we would love to have her back) who played a great selection of music - reflecting to a great degree the grooms pedigree as a leading musician in the UK.  Loved her set-up!

Along the same line of thinking, everyone recieved a CD of music reflecting the eclectic tastes of the bride and groom - Louis Armstrong, Johnny Cash, Beck to name a few.

Ooh La la (no weblinks) catered the buffet and did a fine job.

And the cake was simple but lovely too.

and we got to make our gelatos - which we do onsite - both raspberry and lemon - citron (no milk) had been requested.

A lovely evening was had by all - I did want to show you the table settings - somehow having missed the photo before....

Note the CDs and Jennifer - of course, the head table

Adrienne and Matt will be living in England - apparently the 'Home Office' will now satisfied that Adrienne truly belongs in the UK...we wish them all the very best.

Sincerely - with respect to both weddings, John, Bethany, Ellen, Mekenzie and Ezzie - below is her attempt at polishing the bar (everyone works here)- Ron, Kailey - most defintely Lynne..and me.