Melanie and Grahams big day - July 24th 2010 #137

Well its late in the week to start a blog about the previous weekend but here goes.  First of course - the excuses.  Festival Players are here with the emotionally beautiful Tempting Providence it makes my eyes wet whenever I see it - what an extraordinary woman she was.  And then there was the trip to the Drake Hotel in Toronto - a mini-vacation - a chance to see what imagination, the arts and energy can do to the hospitality industry.  We left impressed, inspired and excited.

So here it is post-theatre and I am nursing that great summer drink - a gin and tonic - and thinking back to last Saturday.  As I recall the weather was not ideal.  Rain threatened but Graham really wanted to get married outside, by the lake.  Their DJ was concerned about the weather for fear of his equipment - the incomparable Amazing Music team - hmmm tried to find their website and couldn't you will need to check with Lynne as to how to catch up with Rob.  He provided music both for the service and reception. 

Plans for the waterfront service included pre-drinking.  Mojitos were chilling, as was lemonade and Corona's.  Maybe that is why no one seemed to mind the rain which fell more like a mist through the ceremony. Below Lynne and kailey get things ready.

The wedding site was nicely appointed with flowers and there were hanging plants but I took this picture too early. 

Post wedding (which was as at 5 PM) everyone headed up the barn for the reception and an open bar.  Drinks flowed until the plated dinner served at 6:30 PM by the Waring House.  The head table, Jennifer, was on the main floor, with everyone else, while guests were also seated at 4 tables on the stage.  

Round tables were used and again a very simple approach to decorating - where less is more - worked.


Homemade jam was the gift - something that is always welcomed

I liked the sign-in table where a Polaroid-style camera took bubble-gum-card-sized pictures instantly - retro but timeless and simple too! 

This sort of set-up in the bathroom is always welcomed - again the guys get next to nothing - but then with sensible shoes (versus open-toed high-heels) they don't normally seek relief for sore feet with flip flops.

There were many nice touches at this wedding.  Tripps Unlimited had a great coach there all evening.  There was a sign set up at the parking lot which directed everyone everywhere they needed to go.

and Georges cottage got the most use it has seen yet with the wedding party pre-partying right up until minutes before the wedding...nice to see that new deck getting used.

All in all another great wedding with a lovely couple.  Our best wishes to them as we work our way through a week of theatre and a weekend with two weddings - one on Saturday and one on Monday...its going to be busy...

Cheers then from Ron, Kailey, Lynne, Ellen, Bethany, Mekenize and Ezzie and me