Cocktail setup options

Dear Reader;

After a wedding ceremony - onsite or otherwise (a church perhaps) there are a number of options for the cocktail hour.  We think it is great (whever possible) if you can use a space - other than the dinner reception area - if at all possible. Not that thhere is anything wrong with hitting either the main bar - and this does happen

Or in and around the main bar where we have served champagne, or signature cocktails with a bucket of beer on days when the weather just wasn't quite up to snuff (this was just around the corner from the main bar where everyone could easily find it)

or the back bar

okay so it is set-up for candy in this photo but it does work well on rainy days - a multi-function location we always bring in remaining signature cocktails alcoholic and non to this bar once wedding parties move inside regardless of the weather.  But it is mostly sunny here so outside, in the sheepshed on a sunny hot day there are often breezes whixh blow through making this an excellent refuge post ceremony where later on the set-up can double as a cigar bar for example.

Hmm - called out unexpectedly - more to come on this blog later.