Bill and Janice

Mark and Lynne: Thank you for providing 'the perfect wedding venue'! It was beautiful & magical & our day was PERFECT! You both are the reason for that perfection. Don't ever doubt the services you provide at Fields. You should be extremely proud of what you have accomplished.

When all of my guests, even my 80 year old parents, as well as Bill's, could not stop telling us this was the BEST wedding they had ever attended, thats a huge compliment.

Thank you for making our day special, magical & amazing. We are forever in your debt & and will tell everyone about Fields. Thanks, Bill and Janice.

and then they commented:

Just read the latest blog for Amanda & Tyler. Excellent coverage! It's amazing how their guests & ours described the weddings in a similar fashion: magical, beautiful venue, beautiful location & most guests stated that they had never experienced this type of wedding location before!

Like Amanda & Tyler's guests, ours told us that this was the best wedding they had ever been to! This was the overall comment from both young & old guests!
You & Lynne should be very proud of your 'little red Barn' & the service you provide!
From Bill & I (& I'm sure every other couple wed at Fields on West Lake), a big, heartfelt Thank You!